Fabiola Trujillo opens a new era in which “Musicando” moves to different locations
21 / 02 / 2024
Jose Antonio Ramos Auditorium

Next Saturday, 24 February, at 9.00 pm, the singer will present her show “With Mexican Soul” in the usual venue for this season of roots music: the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium in Doramas Park.

Of the five concerts scheduled for this six-month period, three will be held in Doramas, one in Tamaraceite Sur Park and another in the Plaza de Santo Domingo

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Wednesday 21 February 2024. After eight years in operation, “Musicando”, winner of the 2019 Canarian Music Award for the Best Programme Planning in the Canary Islands, is embarking on a new era, in which it will take its content to different parts of the city. So this season of roots music, designed to be enjoyed in the open air, is setting off on tour, opening and closing at its usual location, the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium in Doramas Park.

The Gran Canaria singer Fabiola Trujillo will open the season at this venue on Saturday 24 February, at 9.00 pm. In March, Sylvie Hernández will bring her music to Tamaraceite Sur Park on the 16th, and in April there will be another stop at Doramas, on the 13th, with the music of José Manuel Ramos and Benito Cabrera. On 18 May, “Musicando” sets off again, putting in at the Plaza de Santo Domingo with the duo comprising Beatriz Alonso and Javier Cerpa. The last concert in the season, on 1 June, just before the Foundation Festivities, will be held at the José Antonio Ramos, with the special touch of bassist Paco Parera.

So Fabiola Trujillo, from Arucas, will showcase her love of ranchera and devotion to stars like Rocío Dúrcal, but also Javier Solís, José Alfredo Jiménez and Vicente Fernández. “With Mexican Soul” is a tribute to a genre particularly appreciated by the Gran Canaria audience . Since the beginning of her career, Trujillo has developed it with passion, dedication and success. With nine discs behind her since 2002, she always gives it everything she’s got in her stage performances.

Soon afterwards, on 16 March, it will be the turn of Sylvie Hernández to present her “Magua” in Tamaraceite Sur Park, between the shopping centres and the GC-3. Hernández, a singer-songwriter and graduate in Literary Studies, received the Alberto Delgado Young Music Award in 2022, before pursuing a promising career deeply marked by her link to the Latin American sounds with which the Canary Islands audience identifies so strongly. Her concert has the same title as her recent debut album.

On 13 April José Manuel Ramos and Benito Cabrera will be the big attraction at the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium, with “Ethnic”. Guitar and timple combine in this performance based on traditional Canarian music. The former soloist of Los Sabandeños and the renewer of the traditional timple have collaborated on many occasions: now they join forces again to prove that they are two of the great figures in folk music.

On 18 May, another duo, consisting of Beatriz Alonso and Javier Cerpa, perform “Orillas” in the Plaza de Santo Domingo. Cerpa is responsible for the music and arrangements and Alonso graces them with her voice. Together they offer a repertoire built on the foundations of traditional music, with lyrics by the writer Alexis Ravelo: a wealth of creativity, enriched with several classic pieces of Latin American music.

Once again the José Antonio Ramos, on 1 June, will host Paco Perera, a bassist and vocalist who combines tradition and innovation, old and new, local and universal. And of course acoustic and electric, with Canarian folk as the guiding thread of his art, which brings together electronic music and also jazz.

“Musicando”, an initiative launched in January 2016, began its journey at Pueblo Canario. In November 2017, without leaving this area, it transferred its activity to the neighbouring space of Doramas Park, making the José Antonio Ramos Auditorium a cultural epicentre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Now, its activity, always travelling to and from the auditorium that bears the name of the outstanding and fondly remembered master of the timple, José Antonio Ramos, is expanding and reaching other points in the city.